If you wish, you can repay the loan early at any time. Go to Is an early repayment possible? The lender loses profit on his investment. You can repay almost any loan early. It is allegedly possible with trucredit and our trucredit loan test brings light to the dark! Replace trucredit loan early.

Free special repayment on a personal loan

Free special repayment on a personal loan

Thanks to an inheritance, can your loan be repaid early as planned? This saves time and interest. But some banks let pay such a special repayment costly and charge extra fees With trucredit different! With trucredit you have the certainty right from the beginning that special repayments are possible in every loan processing phase.

How much and when you want to start repaying, you decide yourself. With the free special repayment, the private loan at trucredit is even more interesting than before. Because running as unbureaucratic as the granting of loans and running. Special highlight: Who uses the special repayment, saves time. The special repayment brings you many benefits.

With the early repayment, the remaining debt is reduced. At the same time, you have to pay less for the tariffs. The credit is cheaper. As a result, debtors who are economically capable of doing so are generally only recommended to make special repayments. Even more so, if they are, as with trucredit, free borrowers.

That one has the luck to get an inheritance, may not be the case too often – but for there are many special payments. It is therefore perfectly reasonable to conclude only one loan that allows for special repayments, preferably several, preferably free ones. Another striking selling point is the free special repayment with trucredit for the undisputed market leader in PKM.

Unless there are a thousand other good reasons to advise trucredit anyway, we’re probably only doing so.

Credit experience from testing – grade: 2.0

Credit experience from testing - grade: 2.0

Trucredit, like its competitor creditend, was founded in 2007 – but the big hit was far from over. Many borrowers have already opted for a loan from trucredit, which is granted there by private lenders. It is no coincidence that the credit broker in Germany can make a name for itself as market leader – our experience with trucredit shows it.

Our trucredit test shows that trucredit offers a loan for each customer group: anyone else who has difficulty getting a loan from a bank also has a good chance of getting a loan from trucredit. This applies to self-employed as well as self-employed, students and prospective students with a negative private credit bureau entry – provided that your loan application is attractive and meets the requirements of the company.

In Germany, it is a legal obligation for credit institutions to cooperate with at least one well-known house bank, which is why the clients of this house bank attach particular importance. At trucredit, the renowned Intrasavings Bank, which is certainly known to many debtors and is characterized by a trusting settlement by the BaFin, stands in the foreground.

Our experience with trucredit has taught us that trucredit is also characterized by a customer-friendly environment: registering, creating and publishing a loan project is as free as the identification process via Online Ident or Posterobank, the determination of the trucredit score, the interest rate, determining the private credit bureau score or determining the vehicle value.

The interest paid by the borrower also starts at 2.90%. Last but not least, trucredit’s lenders should not go under: Banks: Investors are rewarded with a return of up to 7.3 percentage points to provide their capital to borrowers, while they too can avail themselves of a variety of free services.

Of course, the terms and conditions of a credit broker and his bank are very important: at trucredit, the client expects to receive a seasonly interest, which depends primarily on the trucredit Score, which is determined by the institution on the basis of credit information and private credit bureau entries. These values ​​are also valid for the lenders in the form of the interest that you can count on when lending:

On trucredit, the buyer expects generous terms on which he can repay his loan. There are a term of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months, which the buyer can use to repay his loan. It should be noted that the longer maturities with a fixed interest rate are particularly suitable, since the borrowers can thus benefit from a consistently low interest rate level.

Experience has shown that personal loans are generally granted to a lesser extent of a few EUR 10,000. This is the dt: Our trucredit test has shown: The customer can borrow between 1000 and 250,000 EUR.

Personal loans are granted to a lesser extent to provide the lender with a high level of collateral: even if the loan amounts are shared anyway to avoid defaults, experience has shown that smaller sums can be repaid faster and easier than large loans from several 100,000 EUR. Due to the great variety of possible uses, the customer can benefit from the right credit business in every situation.

The experience of trucredit has taught us that these uses in daily life should be sufficient – even if trucredit customers can borrow only from private individuals. Special repayments are often and gladly used by borrowers if they suddenly come to other financial support (eg through an inheritance or a sale).

In the event of an unscheduled repayment, borrowers can repay part of their loan or even the entire loan at once, thereby not only saving superfluous tranches, but also enjoying a particularly rapid debt relief. With trucredit such special repayments are also possible for free, which offers the buyer a maximum of freedom of design. However, borrowers should continue to inquire with the Intrasavings Banking Group, which is working with trucredit, about possible penalties for early repayments before making any unscheduled repayments.

The Intrasavings banks are requested to inquire about the amount of the early redemption fee. The customer should contact the Intrasavings banks. Although they are often criticized, they are still used by many debtors and others are at least happy with the service. For that reason, we regrettably had to conclude that our guests at trucredit have to work with private loans without any further collateral.

As a partner company of trucredit, the Intrasavings also has no credit insurance, as our comparison shows. So there is still some catching up to do before trucredit has achieved a really good rating in this category. Creative free loans are not only very popular today, although their reputation has been damaged over time by some questionable companies.

Nevertheless, trucredit can also be awarded without private credit bureau: Borrowers receive free applications, which can also be published with a low private credit bureau value. Personal loans are characterized by better conditions and shorter terms compared to bank loans – and last but not least, of course, the lender decides who you want to grant your loan, which of course is also of great benefit in case of a bad entry into the private credit bureau. trucredit grants you without private credit bureau credit.

Even though customer support for private lenders is generally never well developed anyway, trucredit customers can turn to competent and German-speaking support in a variety of ways. 2. In addition to the general support e-mail address, there are two more e-mail addresses available for technical and application questions.

In the review, we found that the range of additional offers and special offers at trucredit is particularly low – in principle, there is no additional. Overall, trucredit did not convince at all in the segment “Service & Additional Services”, as was also clear in the assessment of the German provider.

At trucredit, our clients gain experience with a multi-award winning company: Given the not so long ago “personal loans”, trucredit has a very well-staffed Hall of Fame. We found in the trucredit test that the dt: The dt: The company still has some weaknesses that the provider has to deal with:

With the additional offers and the insurance trucredit still has much to catch up, but in many other points there is still room for “improvements”. On the other hand trucredit impressed above all with the awards as well as in the topics customer care and creative-free lending.

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