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Our mission is to make a positive contribution to SME financing in the Netherlands. With our platform, we facilitate corporate financing and loans for private individuals. This is made possible by thousands of investors. This supports the ‘real’ economy, investors benefit from a high return and entrepreneurs realize their ambitions. ( more… )

How to Calculate a Loan

What is the calculation of a loan? Enter your data. However, anyone wishing to apply for a loan should not always rely on it. Calculation repayment of the loan calculator downright simple, doctor of course not indirect activity Sabbath. Interest rates are based on these variables Lord-interest rates are based ( more… )

Interest rate loan

Rate loans For variable loans a variable interest rate is used. is the interest portion of the benefit rate, the repayment portion of the repayment installment. The interest rate is fixed during the term of the loan. The interest rates at which banks pass on their credit to the end ( more… )

Protect your personal bank account

In today’s digital world, criminals are looking for new ways to invest in other people’s money and one of the potentially dangerous services where information leakage can occur is mobile banking. The most common way to hack into your personal account is malware that specifically targets smartphones. As hackers continue ( more… )