Our mission is to make a positive contribution to SME financing in the Netherlands. With our platform, we facilitate corporate financing and loans for private individuals. This is made possible by thousands of investors. This supports the ‘real’ economy, investors benefit from a high return and entrepreneurs realize their ambitions.

Online payday lenders: Trusted by thousands

Whether you are applying for an increase in working capital, renovation of the store or the purchase of a new delivery van; it is possible through Ramm.nl. Whether you are self-employed or a starter, or whether you have run your own business for several years, you are welcome with us. We do assess whether your application is justified. We do this based on your business plan or annual figures.

With an online payday loan published on OakParkFinancial, you determine the amount of the loan amount, the annual interest rate and the term. You can use crowdfunding as a powerful marketing tool with a wide reach.


  • 97% of the published crowdfunding projects are successfully funded.
  • Crowdfunding can be used as an excellent marketing tool.
  • Transparent: you have 100% insight into the costs.
  • We work on the basis of no cure no pay.
  • You determine the amount of the loan, the interest, and the term.
  • Coaching for entrepreneurs who want guidance.
  • Collaboration with more than 500 intermediaries (accountants, financial advisers).

Assessment loan

When your business loan application is approved by us, it becomes a project on our website. Once your business loan is online, it is possible for investors to register for your project. Once the project has been completed, your business credit will be paid out as soon as possible.

Annuity loans

You can apply for a business loan or a business loan via Ramm.nl. After receiving your business credit application we will contact you to arrange your business loan as quickly as possible. You can submit your business loan application via the button below.

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